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Sadly everyone experiences loss at some point in their life. Grieving is never an easy task and my aim is to help create time and space, for you to say good bye to your friend or family member.


Grief affects people differently, and it is important to  celebrate, remember, and say goodbye, to that special person. I will support and guide you through the funeral process, and try and make the experience as smooth as possible.


By working with you and your family and friends, along with the funeral director, we will create a ceremony that is a memorable and fitting farewell. I believe everyone is unique, and the ceremony I write will be a bespoke tribute to remember your loved one.  We can discuss how to incorporate songs, memorabilia, photographs, and videos to gain a true reflection of the personality and nature of your special friend or family member.

Thank you for what you did for us in your organising & execution of Kate’s service. I know we thanked you on many occasions, even as late as at the Hawea pub but I want to say it again: thank you so very, very much.


The three of us & many, many others, appreciate your ‘work’ but of course what you did wasn’t ‘work’ as such, it was much more. It was love in action & that’s what she wanted.

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